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What We Provide

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  • Longest duration FOUNDATION COURSE ever provided by any coaching class (Duration of 12 Months)
  • Cover all Subjects of Preliminary Examination.
  • Focus on following subjects which are core & essential for Prelim as well as Mains Exam hence need in-depth study- (we allotted 3 Months duration to each subject to satisfy these requirements of these subjects)
    1. History
    2. Polity & Constitution
    3. Economy
    4. Geography
  • Point –to-Point in-depth guidance with assistance of Original Text Books.
  • Focus on conceptual understanding of KEY WORDS & SUBJECT MATTERS.
  • Focus to build INTERPRETATIVE UNDERSTANDING of subject matters.
  • Guidance with assistance of Power Point Presentation (PPTs) to cover facts & concepts in detail as far as possible. (sample)
    Regular TEST on weekly basis on every TOPIC of each subject.
    Provide prepared notes (sample)
With Regular Course we offer without any extra charges-
  • Personality building through regular mentoring
  • Inculcate Reading & Writing Skills
  • Build up communication skill
  • Teach how to be presentable in group discussion
  • Interact with Officers through Guest lectures
  • Mentoring for some OPTIONAL PAPERS-
    1. Public Administration
    2. Political Science
    3. Sociology
    4. Anthropology
  • Mentoring for UPSC/MPSC mains examination.